Ref.N.C.O./NOS Code No. : 7233.10, 7233.20, CSC/Q 0301, CSC/Q 0304,
CSC/Q 0110, CSC/Q 0901, CSC/Q 0303

NSQF Level : Level-IV

Duration of Craftsmen Training : Two years (Four semesters each of six months duration).

Entry Qualification : Passed 10th Class with Science and Mathematics under 10+2
system of Education or its equivalent

Trainees per unit : 21 Nos.


Fitter General sizes metal parts to close tolerances and fits and assembles them using hand tools for production or repairs of machines, or other metal products. Studies drawings to understand specification of different parts, fittings or assembles to be made and their functions. Cuts and shapes required parts dimensions and specifications by processes of sawing, chipping, filing, grinding, drilling holes, screw cutting, scrapping etc., Assembles parts by riveting, screwing, pining etc. So as to make complete unit according to drawing. Dismantles or removes worn out, broken or defective parts using hand tools and replaces them by repaired or new ones. Tests completed article to ensure correct performance. May do simple turning of parts on machines and perform welding, brazing, annealing, hardening, tempering and like operations. May specialize in particular type of machine or product and be designated accordingly. May suggested alterations.

Sizes metal accurately to required dimension by sawing, chipping, filing, etc, using hand tools for making specimens or finished components. Studies drawing or measures sample to record dimensions of part to be made. Holds specified material in vice and sizes it by processes of sawing, chipping and filing. Measures object while working using foot rules, calipers, gauges etc. and checks for correct filing with square. Gets half-finished object marked or marks it himself using face plate, marking block scriber, vernier, height gauges, vice-blocks, angle plate, sine plate, slip gauges, combination set, etc, depending on accuracies required, to indicate guide lines for finished sizes, holes to be drilled and pitch centres, threads to be cut and other working details as specified in drawing or sample. Clamps object securely in correct position in vice and files it to required dimensions according to punch marks and guide lines frequently measuring it with clippers, micrometer, vernier, gauges etc, Drills holes with hand drill, cuts threads with taps and dies ensuring that they are square or at required angle to base. Measure finished article with dial indicator, micrometer, vernier, height gauges, screw gauges, plug gauges, sine plate slip gauge, etc according to prescribed accuracies. May make parts separately and assemble those screws, rivets, pins, etc. as specified. May check dimension with shadow graph. May be designated as FITTER General according to nature of work done.