i) Banking and Accounting (BAN101)
ii) Beauty Therapy and Hair Styling Level – 1 (BEA701)
iii) Junior Land Surveyor (CON712)
iv) Mason (CON714)
v) Plumber (CON715)
vi) Electrician Domestic (ELE701)
vii) Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Electronic Appliance (ELC701)
viii) Arc and Gas Welding (FAB701)
ix) Account Assistant using Tally (ICT701)
x) Bedside Assistant (MED101)
xi) Basic Anatomy & Physiology (MED102)
xii) Health Care Multipurpose Worker (MED133)
xiii) Repair and Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning Plant (REF701)
xiv) Repair & Maintenance of Refrigerator (REF703)
xv) Sales Person (Retail) [RET101]
xvi) Spoken English Communication Skill/Leadership (SS102)